The historic courthouse

December 20, 2023

Our 1936 historic courthouse is getting its long awaited makeover.  I'm so excited to see this happening!  The building has been empty since 2012, and I was afraid it would be torn down, but our county commissioners voted to restore.  She's a beautiful old girl, and she's going to ring with life again.  When completed, the county commission offices will move in along with other county offices. 

The preliminary work has been to get the remaining demo done inside so the contractors can start with a clean slate.  Also, the dozens of crepe myrtles planted next to the building have been dug up.  I know many people were upset to see them gone, but they obscured the facade and created root issues in the foundation of the building.  This is the architect rendering of the new outside.

This shows the inside.  The renovation is slated to take 18 months, and changes in these renderings is possible.

I love the Art Deco touches!  I can't wait to see it when it's finished.