Lawrence County, Alabama Archives

Lawrence County Church Records

Providence BaptistBaptist6804 Co. Rd. 136Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-36251st Sunday in May
Red Bank Missionary BaptistBaptist2851 Co. Rd. 314Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-0576
Roden Freewill BaptistBaptist1578 Co. Rd. 235Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-0148
Smyrna BaptistBaptist410 Co. Rd. 375MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-38172nd Sunday in May
Sulphur Springs BaptistBaptist7341 Co. Rd. 217HillsboroAL35643Hillsboro256-974-9724
Town Creek #1 BaptistBaptist6405 AL Hwy. 24MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-7841
Town Creek Missionary BaptistBaptist2057 AL Hwy. 20Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-2584
Tried Stone Missionary BaptistBaptist12724 Jesse Jackson Pkwy.North CourtlandAL35618North Courtland 
Union Hill Missionary BaptistBaptist MoultonAL35650Parker Town Community256-974-97491st Sunday in May
Valley Grove Baptist ChurchBaptist6631 Co. Rd. 81DanvilleAL35619Speake 
Wear BaptistBaptist12550 AL Hwy. 157MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-5435
Wheeler Chapel Full Gospel BaptistBaptist11725 AL Hwy. 20CourtlandAL35618Courtland256-637-8325
Wheeler Grove Baptist ChurchBaptist12561 AL Hwy. 20HillsboroAL35643Wheeler256-637-8485
Resurrection Catholic ChapelCatholic552 Lawrence St.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-905-0330
Caddo Congregational ChristianChristian8241 Co. Rd. 214TrinityAL35673Caddo Community256-355-89752nd Sunday in May
Five Points ChristianChristian500 Co. Rd. 434MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-7068
Jones Chapel Congregational ChristianChristianCo. Rd. 242MoultonAL35650Mt. Moriah Community256-974-44724th Sunday in May
Moulton Congregational ChristianChristian13355 Market St. / 14469 Market St.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-905-0022
Open Door Christian FellowshipChristian1338 Co. Rd. 389CourtlandAL35618Courtland256-637-8408
Old Liberty Congregational ChristianChristianCo. Rd. 150Town CreekAL35672Loosier Community256-350-35741st Sunday in May
Speake Christian FellowshipChristian3831 AL Hwy. 157DanvilleAL35619Speake256-974-5693
Aldridge Grove Church of ChristChurch of Christ2531 Al Hwy. 36MoultonAL35650 256-974-1486
Byler Road Church of ChristChurch of Christ2930 Byler Rd.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-0613
County Line Church of ChristChurch of Christ10849 Co. Rd. 87MoultonAL35650Moulton256-353-7251
Courtland Church of ChristChurch of Christ426 Alabama St.CourtlandAL35618Courtland256-637-8759
Fair Haven Church of ChristChurch of Christ17111 Al Hwy. 157MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-4914
Fairfield Church of ChristChurch of Christ4553 Co. Rd. 87MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-9483
Hatton Church of ChristChurch of Christ7045 Al Hwy. 101Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-2408
Hillsboro Heights Church of ChristChurch of Christ12490 AL Hwy. 157MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-6041
Landersville Church of ChristChurch of ChristHwy. 24 LandersvilleMoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-14844th Sunday in May
Loosier Church of ChristChurch of Christ2838 Co. Rd. 150MoultonAL35650Moulton256-685-0070
Midway Church of ChristChurch of Christ23517 Co. Rd. 460MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-7009
Moulton Church of ChristChurch of Christ597 Main St.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-1236
New Antioch Church of ChristChurch of Christ8340 Co. Rd. 217HillsboroAL35643Hillsboro256-974-9340
North Courtland Church of ChristChurch of Christ955 Church Ave.North CourtlandAL35618North Courtland256-637-6655
Town Creek Church of ChristChurch of ChristHwy. 20Town CreekAL35672Town Creek256-685-0835
Mt. Hope Church of ChristChurch of ChristCo. Rd. 23Mt. HopeAL35651Mt. Hope 
Moulton Church of GodChurch of God16335 Court St.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-7064
Church of God of ProphecyChurch of God76 Parker Rd.MoultonAL35650Moulton256-974-5038
Flower Hill Church of God In ChristChurch of God7764 Co. Rd. 387HillsboroAL35643Hillsboro256-637-2042
Grace TabernacleChurch of God25 Grace Dr.CourtlandAL35618Courtland256-637-8272
Harris Chapel Church Of God Of ProphecyChurch of God1661 Co. Rd. 45Mt. HopeAL35651Mt. Hope256-974-1873
Lebanon Church of GodChurch of GodCo. Rd. 81DanvilleAL35619Speake256-905-0048
The Church of GodChurch of GodGordon Terry ParkwayTrinityAL35673Trinity256-355-8664
The Church of GodChurch of GodHwy. 157Town CreekAL35672Hatton Area - Hwy 157256-685-2596
East Lawrence Church of GodChurch of God6171 Co. Rd. 327TrinityAL35673 256-974-3596
Highway 36 Holy Church of ChristHoly Church of Christ4859 Hwy. 36DanvilleAL35619Danville 
Lindsey Hall Holy Church of ChristHoly Church of Christ3700 Co. Rd. 76DanvilleAL35619Danville 
Pine Grove Holy Church of ChristHoly Church of Christ5721 Co. Rd. 221MoultonAL35650Moulton 
Pleasant Ridge Holy Church of ChristHoly Church of Christ2420 Co. Rd. 177MoultonAL35650Moulton 
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